Storm Down Wash

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Storm Down Wash
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Product Information
Shake bottle and pour 75ml into detergent compartment. (If item needs proofing use a Storm Proofer to suit). Wash following manufacturer’s guidelines. Ensure item is follow dried and lofted well during drying.

Down garments contain clusters of down held within pockets. Down is a very delicate material therefore It is important to ensure that during cleaning process the natural oils on the down are not stripped out. Cleaning down filled garment or item can be done at home. However it is not recommended to use a domestic household laundry detergent as it can reduce the lofting potential of quality down. Our Storm Down cleaner with balanced pH allows for cleaning to be gentle on the fibers so they can remain soft to the touch, maximize loft and maintain the intended performance. When cleaning down, choose a delicate program and then dry in the tumble dryer. Dry for longer than expected and pause the drying and manually plump the item to ensure the down is evenly distributed throughout the garment.
  • nonionic surfactants (polymers) >5%

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