Brynje Skipulli Fleece

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Brynje Skipulli Fleece.

Brynje “Polar Bug” garments form an excellent mid insulation layer range.
Once again, the core philosophy of using the synthetic mesh lining is implemented and stitched in to the garments to give a very high warmth to weight ratio, while keeping you drier through the excellent moisture transportation qualities.
This soft fleece will get the job done, handling all the sweaty activity you throw at it but always keeping you drier!
The fleece itself dries extremely quickly, feeling only a little damp even when it comes out of the washing machine.

Weight 400g
  • 3/4 neck, zipper opening,
  • one front pocket,
  • thumb-grip
  • drawstring at bottom with stoppers at each side.
Brynje Skipulli Fleece Orange
Brynje Skipulli Fleece
Brynje Skipulli Fleece

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