String Vest? You mean like Rab C. Nesbitt?

Yep! The String Vest! So this will definitely freak some people out (like our friend who pretty much said it would end her sex life if she saw her husband in it!). It forms the basis of almost all Brynje clothing. The concept is very simple. The polypropene string wicks moisture away from the skin, while the air pockets between the string allow for your skin to breath more, regulate body heat better and trap air (with another garment over it). 
     As I said, almost all the Brynje kit have this string/mesh vest built in to give better thermal properties, body heat regulation and moisture transfer. Brynje and others use the term "mesh".....but let's be honest here and call a spade a's a string vest a la Rab C Nesbitt!

So does it work?
First test;
I wore the micro version of the vest under a work shirt when travelling up to Aberdeen on business. The plane was fairly warm, and I was expecting the vest to regulate, wick moisture and keep me that wrong! What actually happened was that I got quite warm in it. There was no air flow, and so the thermal properties just kicked in making me too hot. What it did do was wick the moisture I was generating way from my skin, but unfortunately then transferring it on to my shirt! So I do not recommend it for travelling on  a warm plane!
Second test:
Went out cycling this morning about 08:30. I wore the Suprer Thermo String vest from Brynje with a polyester cycling top over it.

 The morning was about 14 C, with pretty thick fog. It was a little cool, so it felt good to have the two layers. As we started to ride, I felt really cosy, but not too hot since my legs and arms were exposed. I was very concious of feeling overheated after my air plane experience, but it never happened. I stayed a very comfortable temperature through out the ride. Even as the temperature gradually climbed to about 21 C as the fog burned off, I was still at a very comfortable core temperature. During the climbs I also stayed comfortable, and realised that the shirt was indeed seeming to regulate my temperature very well. Also, I wasn't aware of any cold/wet patches, so I stopped to check if I was sweaty. I was, but the moisture was either in the string or transferred to the cycling top. Of course, I wasn't bone dry, but I certainly dryer than I would have been without the string vest I think. All in all, I'd say it was a good addition to my normal cycling kit.
     I have read reviews from people who cycle and run with the mesh top in much warmer weather, so I hope it gets warm enough for me to test that!

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