Found a bug in the software!

Today I discovered a bug in the Brynje software so to speak......actually it was just a learning process for me......but reinforces why I enjoy doing this, heading toward the ultimate kit combo for all weathers.
So I went for a run today, with my dog, in the Ashdown Forest. Weather was a little overcast, temperature was about 15 C with a slight breeze. It was fairly humid, so I figured I'd be sweating a lot, but I also knew it would cool off as this was about 6:30pm start. So I wore the Super Thermo C-shirt (pictured in the last post) with a Brynje Sprint shirt over the top. The Sprint is a synthetic (100% Polydacron) which is very light, soft and comfortable. It only comes in black, which is a bit of a bugger really, but there you go.
     So I started on my run, quickly getting that comfortable feeling that my body was running at a nice, comfortable temperature. I really noticed as the run went on, that other parts of my body were sweating and feeling a little cool (I think thats because the shirts control core temperature very well, it amplifies whatever conditions the rest of you body is feeling!). However, I also notice that while sweat was being transferred pretty well from my body to the Super Thermo shirt, the Sprint shirt still felt mostly dry. I also check to see how the moisture transfer was from my body to the vest, and I must admit that it was not as effective as on the bike ride. My conclusion was that the system needed to be tighter, in order to allow better moisture transfer through conduction. My cycling shirt was tight against the Super thermo mesh, and therefore worked very well. The Sprint was looser (even though it's about the right size) and not tight enough...........hence the bug in the software (introduced by me!). So I have a medium Sprint shirt which I'll try next, when the atmospherics are about the same as this run to keep those variables down you know!

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