Brynje Sprint - Didn't learn my lesson!

One of my last post talked about the need to "size down" to make sure you have a tight fit......note to your own Blog!
So, as you can guess, I went out with a shirt one size to big! However, this is how it went.
Day was warm, about 22 C, air was almost still and slightly humid. I wore the Brynje Sprint T-shirt, which is 100% Polydacron. It is very light weight and soft, and feels more like a natural fibre than the Helly Hansen life shirts (which I have worn for a long time). It is moderately stretchy, with a snugish fit but definitely not loose like a normal t-shirt. It comes in black you'd better like black if you want one!
The run was again about 1 hour through the Ashdown forest (picture below).
During the first half hour the T-shirt felt very comfortable, no chaffing against the nipples, and one of those garments that "you don't notice" your wearing. However, as I got further into the run, I realised that I had a few cool spots so I stopped to check. Sure enough, I had a lot of moisture that had not been wicked away around the lower back and stomach. I immediately recognised the problem as being the material was too loose in those areas of my body, thus not allowing for conductive moisture transfer (wicking basically!). I had not taken my own advice from the last post! One reason was I had been wearing the T-shirt about the house all day, and it was really nice and comfortable and felt tight enough.
Having come back, I had to do the "sniff test", and to be fair it did fine. Again, my Helly Hansen gets really smelly after intense activity and so is good for one wear only. I'd say the Brynje Sprint T-Shirt is a two day top based on my experience. There are now companies using impregnated silver ions to reduce the smell of synthetics, because at the end of the day, synthetics are still superior to Merino when it comes down to pure wicking ability.
So, basically I'd say its a very lightweight, comfortable T-shirt which will work well for running/biking when the aim is to wick moisture away in moderate temperatures. To get the most from it, again, you need to get the sizing right.

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