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Since getting involved with Brynje, I've had the opportunity to meet some really great people. A few weeks ago I was invited to a charity event in London, were Brynje had sponsored an "Extreme Mother" who crossed Greenland on Skis, with two Norwegian guides. Her name is Sabine Diederichs, and she has started doing all kinds of challenges since deciding to get out there and live a little (link to blog on right)! Brynje provided Sabine with most of her clothing for the trip, as well as some of the clothing for the guides.
The guides, Petter Thorsen and Per Thore Hansen run an Arctic Training & Expedition School in Norway, and have vast experience travelling in the Polar regions.

I have added a link to their website under "links".
These people really put the Brynje kit to the test, wearing it non stop for 22 days crossing Greenland. To put it mildly, they loved it! They are firm believers in the mesh principles, combined with wool, and are now recommending it to all their clients who come to their Training camps.

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