New wool mesh tested

Over the last couple of weeks the temperature has been low enough to test a new product we have coming out very soon. It's the same great mesh, but in Merino rather than synthetic. The advantages are clear. It smells less on multi-day trips and it also conforms with the Army's non-synthetic policy.
Is it as good as the synthetic? Well, for the last three rides I have been testing it.
In terms of the warmth, I'd say it's on a par for sure.
Moisture transportation........almost as good. The only thing I have noticed (maybe) is that the mesh itself retains slightly more moisture than the synthetic. You would expect this from wool. However, the difference is only slight, and I wonder if I'm making it up by expecting that result?
Other than rocks! It is also very soft on the skin, comfortable and I have not washed it yet! Three rides and no stink.
This last Sunday was the best test yet. It was right around 0C, but about -10C at times with wind chill as we descended at 30mph. My face was FREEZING! Everything else was warm though. Where the Classic Original (to give it its correct product name) really shone was when we stopped and re-started. We had a few guys out on the ride who are working towards getting fitter. So at times, we stopped for several minutes as the group all caught up. During these stops, the guys wearing solid base layers got cold as their shirts were inevitably wet with sweat and it started to make them feel cold (body tries to heat up the water next to the skin to stay loose unnecessary energy and feel cold). I was really surprised at how warm I was. No chill, no cold spots. Brilliant. This is because of how "less wet" the mesh keeps you (I don't want to say "Dry"), combined with the fact that you have a warm layer of air next to you. In contrast the solid base layer is water logged (or close to being) and has replaced the air with water reducing the thermal properties of the base layer. Pretty simple really.
Will let you know when we can release the product.....I believe it will be in the next few weeks.

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