Run in the Spring sun.....what to wear?

Finally time to sit down and share some knowledge on what I've been wearing the last few weeks.....sounds a bit voyeuristic, but hey I do wear mesh underwear for a living(almost!).
So the weather has been getting better day by day almost and profits are getting worse and worse! So how can you use the Brynje kit to run/bike/ walk or climb in this warmer weather?
I was out on a run last week when I decided to trial the Super Thermo Mesh T-shirt with Windcover. It has been great for cycling, but I had not used it much running. I wore the Brynje Sprint 3/4 Zip polo over it as my cap layer. It's a nice thin synthetic and works well over the mesh. 

Weather was about 10-12C in the sun, with a slight breeze at times and I ran for about an hour cross country on the Ashdown Forest. Initially I was really nice and warm (a comfortable warmth). I got up to "running temperature" and un-zipped the shirt to vent a little. This worked well, and again really helped to maintain that comfortable temperature. Down in the valleys the breeze kicking in and the windproof front cover came into its own. It did a great job of stopping the breeze and keeping the core warm. The arms and back continue to breath and stay cool, thus giving an ideal combination. I tell people to wear the windproof shirt in situations were they normally wear a gillet, because with the Brynje windproof shirt you're getting two shirts for the price of one!
It was really great to be back running off-road and with the kit I had chosen, i was very comfortable the entire time. Obviously, when the wind drops and your in the sun, it can get a little warm, but I'll take that any day over getting a little cold.

A few weeks off but back on the bike!

Never did get round to writing about the Hell of the Ashdown bike race I did with some mates, so here is a small review coupled with some info about this weekends ride.
On the day of the race (Feb 26th) we were faced with a bit of a dilemma. It was about 0C but predicted to get up to about 12C!! Kit selecting was vital as I didn't want to waste energy being too hot, but then didn't want to suffer from being cold. So it was the old standard of Brynje Super Thermo mesh shirt, Brynje Classic wool Merino shirt, Brynje neck warmer, Altura Transformer jacket, Brynje helmet hat, Brynje Sprint boxers and my warmest Giordana Body Clone FR Carbon Bibtights.

 As predicted I was nice and toasty for the first few hours of the ride, staying dry and loving the air trapped next to my skin. After about 30 miles we got to Kidd hill......a bit of a local favorite! Got up it no problem but I was now starting to warm up as the temperature crept up. So we had a quick stop at the top where the family waited for us. I whipped off my glove liners and took off my neck warmer. I opened the top of my jacket a little and took off. I felt good again and bang on the right temperature. The Altura Transformer did a good job of keeping the wind off on a long descent down to Groombridge.
Kidd Hill From Newbridge to the B2026....THE WALL!
 By the time we hit the last hill (Star Hill) it was definitely around 10-11C but thanks to the mesh, all that was required was a little venting to exchange the air then zip back up. At the end of the 67 miles, we all were relieved but also had that post ride feeling of satisfaction, camaraderie and sense that we had "done something" worth while!

Easy like Sunday morning......not!

This Sunday I was back on the bike for the first time in about a month.....long story which includes Caribbean weddings, Grandslam trip to Cardiff, sick child and laziness!
Weather is warming up, but again setting out at 8am means you still have temperatures around 5C to deal with, but again warming up to about 12C. I stuck with the Brynje Super Thermo mesh, Brynje Sprint zip polo and Altura Transformer. Went with a Buff instead of the helmet hat and skipped the boxers. Setting off towards Forest row I had it about right except the boxers! It would have been nice to have them on for that first bit of the ride as we warmed up, but later I was fine. I just get really cold hips if i don't wear them.
Ride was a beautiful 45 miler taking in the scenery of most of the Ashdown Forest area in warming sunshine. Legs complained a little, but nothing too testing and I felt pretty strong at the end. The great thing about the Sprint Zip polo is the ability to vent when you warm up on a hill for example. You then have the flexibility of leaving the zip open, but closing up the Altura. This gives you another temperature "option" if you like.
It's getting to the point when I'll be dropping the Brynje Super Thermo in favor of the Brynje Super Micro. It's lighter, thinner and does a great job in warmer weather under a cycling top.

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