A new combo - Super Micro with Windproof shirt

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day so a friend and I decided to do a fast 28miler during lunch. We both had kids to pick up at 3pm so we had to "get it done"!
It was 14C but windy.....a cool wind, so I though it was warm enough to try the Brynje Super Micro T-Shirt with an Altura Transfomer wind jacket over it. This was a new combo for me, but I wanted to test my dressing skill, and thought it to be an interesting combo.
It's tough to see from the image, but it's a fine weave mesh, thinner than the Super Thermo and normally worn under a cycling shirt for warm to hot conditions.
We had some hills along the way, including Cobb lane up in to Ardingly......20% and a real leg burner! We both got up it with lungs and legs screaming a little!
The weather got a little warmer as the ride went on, but we continued to get buffeted by the wind, and on occasions had to fight into a head wind........I, I must point out did most of the fighting!
When choosing what to wear in what conditions, it's always best to dress a little on the cool side.......you'll find this mantra pretty much everywhere, but it's not always easy to do. Dress to warm and you waste energy by over-heating and striping of layers. Don't dress warm enough and you loose energy trying to stay warm and of course you don't heat up your muscles. Get it just right and you're cruising!
This was just about bang on for me. I hardly had to vent at all, which means my body was regulating it's temperature very well with the clothes I had on. I do feel that the mesh works best with the cap layer right up against it (which was not the case with my wind jacket), however my body could breath equally well through the mesh, but moisture transfer was possibly slowed down a little due to there not always being contact between the mesh and the next layer.
I look forward to trying the Super micro in warmer conditions as a summer base layer.....something that I think is foreign to many people.

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