Perfection......but just for a few hours!

I love it when I get it right. Being male, married and a little outspoken (only in a nice way) I tend to think this happens more often than it actually does......this is where the "married" bit comes in, as my wife is "able" to "help" correct me sometimes.
However, on this particular Sunday morning a few weeks ago, I got it JUST RIGHT! Unfortunately it wasn't picking the winner at Ascot, numbers for the lottery etc ........but almost as was choosing the perfect outfit for our 45 mile ride! Yes, this is the kind of thing that excites us kit freaks.
So for the three of you out there just dying to know how I got it goes.
Weather was trying to get up to 14C by 8am but was struggling. Forecast was for about the same all day with intervals of sunshine and cloud.  Wind was going to be slight, but obviously more pronounced on a bike. So, I went for my Brynje Super Thermo windcover T-shirt, with a cycling shirt (medium weight) over it. I had also invested in a pair of arm warmers by Assos (sale on Wiggle......where all the same aren't we? Can't resist a bargain!). It was my first use of Arm Warmers because I had used my windproof jacket so much in the past. However, my riding partner had some and I though it made a lot of sense. Put the shorts on to cap off the outfit.
Tried and tested by Cycling Weekly the Brynje Super Thermo Windcover shirt (long sleeve)

We started on the usual route and I was SO happy with the arm warmers! Last week we had headed out in very similar conditions....maybe a degree cooler.....and two of us had cold arms. I was also snug in my Brynje kit and happy to be in shorts. As we hit the first climb I was still very comfortable, and didn't roll down the sleeves or unzip the top. We then had a long descent (long in East Sussex terms) into Forest Row. This is where the windcover on the Super thermo is brilliant. It stops that penetrating downhill wind chill, but since the back and arms are only mesh, allows the rest of your body to breath superbly. Even on the flat, pushing along at a decent speed, you could feel the windcover doing it's job, while my back stayed cool, being allowed to breath  through the mesh. It all just felt PERFECT! More climbs and descents just proved the choice was bang on as my body stayed at a perfect temperature. I never pulled the arm warmers down, but it was so nice to have the option! Cycling Weekly gave the top 10/10. Very simply yet highly effective design.

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