Bergans Imingen pants go fishing

It's been a VERY busy few weeks, although has also been a lot of fun. It all started with a trip to the US to visit family and to go to one of our favorite places on earth, Stehekin, Washington. Nestled deep in the North Cascade mountain range, this amazing little village is the Eastern gateway to the mountains.....and they have some fantastic mountains. I wrote a small piece last year on climbing Mt Mt McGergor, but this year unfortunately there was only time to go fishing!

 I had a few pieces of kit I wanted to test along the way....literally! I wore my Bergans Imingen pants from the moment I left home and almost for the entire week long trip. I used to have a pair of Ex-Officio travel pants, which I loved, but lost during our move from Norway. So, the aim was to see if these could replace them.

So weighing in at a little under 400 grams, they are very light and packable. Having said that, they seem to be pretty tough as I did give them a no-mercy thrashing over rock, through bushes and in the water. On the plane, the lightweight fabric was very welcome as it was pretty warm in the cabin. Also, there is plenty of give/stretch in the fabric with a composition of 94% Polyamide and 6% Spandex, which makes sitting in them very comfortable. I also found this to be a good amount of stretch when scrambling over rocks looking for fishing spots. Pockets are plentiful, with two deep hip pockets and a cargo pocket either zipped and one velcro. A zipped pocket is essential for me as I trust these to carry car keys etc!
A feature I didn't think I'd use was the Capri option. There are press studs just below the knee to allow you to raise the trouser leg and fasten it in the "Capri" look. Hate the name, but like the option now! I had to get into the river a little to cast further out and so this option let me keep my trousers dry! Having said that, because the material is very light and made of Polyamide, it does dry very quickly when wet. I tried this out when we ended up on a raft later in the morning looking for fishing pools.
      Being made for Norwegians, the leg is a little on the long side (I am 6ft and wore a size Large), but seldom do you ever get the perfect fit. One thing I'd like to see is an elasticated waist, or half waist, with a built in belt. You need a nice lightweight belt to go with them or else I find the belt feels bulky. All in all a good lightweight, traveling and summer adventure trouser with the Bergans quality behind them. Go and take a look at the Imingen pant at Nordic Life.

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