Bergans Krosso - Probably the best trousers in the World....

As the title of the post suggest, after a year and a half of wearing the Bergans Krosso trousers, I've come to REALLY like them. I pretty much wear them ALL the time. I've had them scrambling in Switzerland, Wales, Lake District. I've traveled on long haul flights wearing them, all the way through to be my first choice office wear. They are so comfortable to wear, I wish they were acceptable dinner party trouser....but alas, even the Krosso can't stretch this far! However, if Batman had a pair of trousers in his utility belt, it would be the Bergans Krosso!
My favorite Bergans Krosso Trousers

I guess the story begins with me trying to find the best all-round trousers for everything from traveling to cool walks/scrambles....and of course, something to just be able to throw on everyday. I don't particularly like jeans because it's so difficult to find a pair that fit correctly, and that are comfortable. They are also ubiquitous in everyday life, which, if I'm honest, irks me a little. Anyway, enough about when we signed up to carry Bergans of Norway kit, I was really interested in their trousers (N.B a side note: Bergans call everything "pants", but being from Wales I have to call them trousers or it just feels wrong! So, from now on, I'll stick with the word "trousers").
The first thing to note is Bergans have a MASSIVE range of trousers....some of which are not really suited to the UK. So I narrowed it down to about three styles out of their range....The Krosso soft Shell, Kjerag soft Shell and the Geita Soft Shell.
I'll talk about all 3, but today it's the Krosso.

Bergans Krosso Soft Shell pants

As I've already touched on, these are by far my favorite trousers. They are so versatile, and perform well in both technical and everyday situations. Firstly, the combination of 90% Polyester with 10% Spandex makes them very stretchy. This in turn means that they are very comfortable in any position to speak! I have even worn them for Power Yoga session (no sniggering in the back please!). This is a super quality for scrambling routes, where the last thing you need is any restriction in your clothing making it uncomfortable. Thinking about it, I've also worn them on indoor climbing walls. However, despite this quality, they keep their shape very well, making them an acceptable choice for the school run or any other day to day task.
Wearing Bergans Krosso for Via Ferrata in Switzerland. They were up to the task.
They have proved to be tough and durable. I've worn them scrambling in North Wales and also doing Via Ferrata routes in Switzerland this summer. This is one of the aspects I'm really please with. I've had trousers in the past that tick most of the boxes, but haven't lasted. Their durability is also a bit of a surprise given their lightweight and soft feel. There is no reinforced knee or bottom, but this, so far, has not been an issue.
Not trying to look moody and interesting....honest!
These trousers have proved to be wind resistant also. Again, due to their lightweight, I was a little skeptical of the write up. However, they have been in some pretty wind conditions.The above image was taken at 2600m in Switzerland this summer, and the wind was blowing hard across the saddle we reached. I didn't feel the wind getting through, and this has been the same on other windy days. It was a hard slog getting up to that saddle, and I was sweating, but here again, the trousers do a good job of wicking. The lightweight Polyester keeps sweat moving away from the skin and out of the fabric, especially when compared to a heavier trouser with a higher cotton content for example.
As for keeping water out, they do as about a good of a job as you can expect for their weight and fabric. That's to say, they will do OK in a shower, and will dry quickly once the rain stops and you keep moving. However, in continuous rain, they will wet out of course, but stay surprisingly warm, and not cling too much.
Quality of finish is excellent as is the detail
As I've come to expect from Bergans, the finish on the trousers is excellent, and attention to detail is the Norwegian flag on one of the zip pockets. There are three zipped pockets in all, which makes them a secure option for storing small items. The liner of the pockets are mesh, and therefore offer some venting when open (although to be honest, I doubt it's enough to make any significant difference). The hip pockets on either side are deep enough for me, although can sag under heavier items. Each zip has a toggle, which is a feature I really like. The cargo pocket is on the right hand side, with a nice wide zip and it's about a "hand" in depth.

In terms of fit, the waist and length sizes are UK comparable I have found. However, for those on either edge of the Bell curve, there is  Short and Long version you can order.
So for shear breadth of use, comfort and durability these might just be the best trousers in the world.....

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